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Building a new home should be an exciting and enjoyable process and with Bask Homes, it is. You can really relax and have confidence with our build process because our guarantees are designed to protect you

Move In Ready

In today's new home market, knowing exactly what you are going to get from your build can be much harder than it should be.

At Bask Homes, our homes are packaged as "Move-in Ready" to ensure there are no hidden surprises and your home is just how you specify it to be.

Our passionate and skilled Service Team will assist every step of the way to ensure your home fits your style and budget and that your get outstanding value for money.

We are confident you will never regret building with Bask Homes and that you will love your new home from the moment you move in.


Master Builders Contracts

This is your home, and you want to be able to relax and enjoy it for years to come. That’s why we give you the peace of mind of building with the industries best new home contract from Master Builders to ensure a smooth project from signing to handover.

As a standard we offer:

Easy to understand contract & specifications

Tried & tested handover process ensuring any defects and omissions are addressed, so you move into a new home, that feels like a new home.

6 month defect warranty for non-structural defects e.g. sticking doors or windows.

6.5 year statutory warranty for structural defects e.g. leaking roof, leaking shower, health and safety issues


Our work process


Getting started

Rapid Quotes - Obligation Free

What will your beautiful Bask Home cost? We’ll happily provide you with a full quote and complete a rapid turnaround of your requests. This is 100% obligation free. We understand you need to get an idea of costs to compare and assess our offers. We’re confident you’ll see the value of our high quality homes

Design Refinement Phase

This is your chance to personalise your home. During the design refinement phase we make any necessary customisations and adjustments to your plans so the proposed home is exactly how you’d like it to be and is in line with authority and estate planning requirements

Pre-contract Investigations

Next, there are some standard procedures we need to follow. Once we have agreed in principle to the build, we will be required to complete a site investigation of your lot for contract finalisation. This will include completing a soil test, a wind rating assessment and a preliminary structural design


Final selections & contract

Getting ready to create your dream home

During this part of the process we will meet to finalise all of your selections for the build, and add them to your contract specification document. Once complete we can produce our custom Master Builders contract for signing. Then when the contract has been finalised, we will lodge your plans for authority and covenant approvals


Building process

Stage 1: Base

We are off and running on your new build. First we prepare your lot for construction by fencing the block, installing temporary facilities and setting up access. We then complete the foundations and the slab

Stage 2: Frame

The fun begins as we move on to constructing the frame. With the structure up you will be able to see your new home take shape. We will organise a site visit so you can walk through the home and get a real sense of how it will all fit together.

Stage 3: Enclosed

It’s already time for the roof to go on. We then work on the externals of your home, including doors and windows so the home can be locked up. This is a key milestone because the focus of the work will now shift inside your house

Stage 4: FIXING (PARTs 1 & 2)

Now the plastering, tiling and cabinetry install is completed and you will really start to feel as though your dream home is within reach. We just need to do the finishing touches and you’ll be able to move in

Stage 5: Practical completion

The final certificate of your home can now be issued by a Certifier and the property is nearing final handover. We’ll arrange for you to inspect your new home and together we’ll go through and identify any touch-ups that we need to address before you move in


Project handover

All done. Your beautiful new home is ready

This is the special moment when you get the keys. During project handover we will meet and give you all the manuals and keys you need for your new home. We also walk you through any details of how to operate any new equipment


Settling into your new home

Sit back, relax and enjoy your new Bask Home

If you need us to assist you at any point when you move in, we are here to help. You will quickly see the lifestyle benefits of living in a brand new home, and we know you will enjoy the sense of satisfaction that comes with building your new home

Love every inch of your new home

Created exactly how you've always wanted it

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